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Paver Sizes

6 x 4.5 - $150

6 x 6 - $200

9 x 6 - $250

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Sadly many parents do not realize they have the right to cremation or burial for an early loss. Lullaby Lane is a special place for all tiny lives to be honored and remembered respectfully. Each early loss is treated as a baby and given the opportunity to be buried or cremated in a dignified manner. Wisconsin does not have laws that protect miscarriages and ensure a respected burial or cremation. Lullaby Lane is a project organized by Halos of the St. Croix Valley in partnership with the New Richmond Cemetery and Bakken-Young Funeral Home to honor and provide a designated space for those we love who gain their wings early on in life.

Our Spring Paver Placement is scheduled for May 2024. 

If you are looking to order a paver for a child you love and miss please fill out the form below between February 1, 2024 and March 31, 2024.

- You will receive a personalized placement video.

- We will also share a video of all of the new pavers on our Facebook. 

Thank you to our ongoing Partners for Lullaby Lane:

Bakken-Young Funeral Home

City of New Richmond

Lake Kountry

Medical Examiner Patty Schachtner

Rivard Stone


"I've Carried You Every Second of Your Life, and I Will Love You Every Second of Mine."

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