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Paver Sizes

6 x 4.5 - $150

6 x 6 - $200

9 x 6 - $250

Sadly many parents do not realize they have the right to cremation or burial for an early loss. Lullaby Lane is a special place for all tiny lives to be honored and remembered respectfully. Each early loss is treated as a baby and given the opportunity to be buried or cremated in a dignified manner. Wisconsin does not have laws that protect miscarriages and ensure a respected burial or cremation. Lullaby Lane is a project organized by Halos of the St. Croix Valley in partnership with the New Richmond Cemetery and Bakken-Young Funeral Home to honor and provide a designated space for those we love who gain their wings early on in life.

Our next paver placement is scheduled for October 15th time TBD. If you are looking to order a paver for a child you love and miss please fill out the form below!

Thank you to our ongoing Partners for Lullaby Lane:

Bakken-Young Funeral Home

City of New Richmond

Lake Kountry

Medical Examiner Patty Schachtner

Rivard Stone

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"I've Carried You Every Second of Your Life, and I Will Love You Every Second of Mine."

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